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What It Means To Please God was taught by Rev. Dunamis Okunowo on the 12th of September 2021 at Shouts of Grace Center, Joke Plaza, Beside Trans Amusement Park, Bodija-UI Road, Ibadan.

In his teaching, Rev. Dunamis made mention of the following important points:

Anchor Scripture: 1 Corinthians 10:1-12

Everything repeats; there’s really nothing new under the sun. You must therefore seek to learn from the experiences of other people.

You can overcome whatever comes your way. There is no custom-made problem or affliction.

When you isolate yourself, you stay in desolation.

Anything that is a departure from what God asked you to do is evil.

Everybody is an influence, directly or indirectly, in their environment, family, church, office, etc. You are influencing people on a regular basis – people are admiring you; you desire to be like you. So you must live a life that is well pleasing to God.

Whatever you prioritize over God is your idol. Therefore anything can become your idol; it can be music, relationship, your spouse, job, ministry, food, sex, phone, etc.

You are not meant to love anything above the LORD, even your spouse.

Beware of the following, for God is displeased with them:

  • Lusting after evil
  • Idolatry
  • Tempting Christ: Living in habitual sin and still operating in the anointing. You preach against the very things you do.
  • Fornication
  • Murmuring
  • Discontentment

Murmuring can lead to death. You can be so involved in activities – looking so spiritual, singing, instrumentation, preaching, cleaning the church, ushering, etc. – and God may not be pleased with you. Is God please with you?

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