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We took a break from our series on ministering to your husband.

We are back now. 

In the past write-ups, I have written about making sure your husband is well fed. As simple as it seems, some homes have been ruined by it.
I wrote about keeping your husband’s company, that is being a partner with him in all that he does. I have also written about ‘serving’ the anointing he carries as the head.

This morning, I will be talking about ‘ fighting his battles for him’.
Our role as wives is that of being a helpmeet. To fulfill his God-given assignment he will definitely need prayers amongst other things.

Every wife is called to be her husband’s intercessor. We have been equipped by God to pray for our husband.

The story that comes to mind is the story of when Moses was fighting the Amalekite and he had to lift up his hands. As long as his hands were lifted up, Israel won. But when Moses got weary and his hands went down Israel lost until Hur and Aaron helped to lift up his hands.

The same way we are to lift up his hands as he faces the battle of life in his thoughts, words, and actions. The devil is bombarding us through our senses. Through our eye gate, ear gate, mouth gate, our touch, and taste. The battle is intense and every husband needs someone to give him back up.

It is not a battle to be fought alone. You need the cooperation of your covenant helper.

Woe, to him, that lieth alone. Two are better than one for a have a good reward for their labor. (Eccl. ). It takes two to be warm.

The battles of life are better won as a team. God knew what he was doing by bringing the woman to God. The wive becomes the change agent.

Don’t become embittered with your assignment that you don’t fulfill it.

The devil works overtime to make sure women are busy with irrelevancies busy here and there and leaving their major purpose unattended to.

You are supposed to fight his battles. I don’t mean being a thug by fighting physically for your husband. But it also entails defending him. You cannot be around when people are talking bad about your husband and you are comfortable.

You know some of his friends don’t mean well for him. Fight for him.

But more so, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of stronghold (2 Cor 4:5). You battle in the place of prayers.

You use prayers, fastings, supplications, sacrificial seeds, the blood of Jesus, communion, confessions, the Word. You use every weapon available to combat the devil.

To be an effective intercessor, your vessel (your life) must be kept holy and sanctified before the Lord. You must not be dealing with any hidden sins.

Some wives are still dealing with extramarital affairs, emotional affairs, adultery. You expose your husband to the vicissitudes of life if you are a wife having sexual sin and any other habitual sins.

Constantly repent and ask for forgiveness of sins to be able to stand in your place as intercessor.

May God give us more understanding.

God bless our marriage.

I will be the best to my husband

Lord, help me to submit to my husband

And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. Genesis 2:18 KJV.

Fight for your marriage

Gen 4