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Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge. – Heb 13:4 (KJV)

Marriage is an institution that has existed for thousands of years. It’s a union between two people who commit themselves to one another in the most intimate and personal way possible. The fact that it’s lasted this long suggests there is something about marriage itself that we value. But what, exactly?

Here are a few thoughts on what makes a good marriage.

A good marriage is based on respect

A good marriage is based on respect. Respect is a two-way street. It means that each partner respects the other person’s feelings and opinions, as well as their own.

This doesn’t mean that couples are never at odds with one another. Conflict is inevitable in any healthy relationship, but it should never be allowed to escalate into disrespect of one another.

The partners need to be open to speaking frankly with one another, while also listening attentively to one another and understanding the other person’s perspective or point of view.

Communication is key

It sounds very cliché, but it’s true: communication is key to achieving a good marriage. You have to talk to each other and work on the problems together.

There’s nothing worse than being married and not knowing what your spouse feels like because they don’t talk to you.

One of the most important aspects of a successful marriage is good communication.

There are many ways to communicate, but it’s particularly important for both parties to share their feelings and thoughts with one another.

For example, if one partner feels neglected and begins to withdraw from the relationship, it’s vital that they tell the other person how they feel.

Communication creates understanding and can help prevent problems before they escalate.

To have a good marriage, you need to be committed

The commitment is the key ingredient for a good marriage. Successful marriages are about two people who are willing to commit to one another and work together through the good times and bad times.

It’s also so important that both partners are committed to the relationship. If one person isn’t committed, then it could doom the marriage from the start.

A good marriage isn’t perfect

The first thing to keep in mind about marriage is that it’s not perfect. Even when two people are deeply committed to one another, there will be times where you disagree and times where you might feel unhappy. But with a good marriage, these disagreements are just part of the process.

In fact, research suggests that a marriage can grow stronger after a disagreement has taken place because the couple knows they have each other’s back. This type of relationship is better able to withstand the inevitable challenges life throws at it.

Marriage is work

Marriage is work. It’s not just a piece of paper you sign to make it valid. Marriage takes commitment and sacrifice – but the rewards are worth it.

You have to make time for one another

Marriage is all about commitment, and making time for one another is a big part of it. Too many couples put everything else in their lives ahead of their significant others. That’s not what marriage is about! You need to make time for your spouse or you will lose them.

Love is also an important aspect of a good marriage. If you don’t love each other, get divorced. Marriage should be about more than just living together and having kids. It should be about loving each other unconditionally and doing whatever you can to make the other person happy.

Lastly, take care of yourself as well as your spouse, do things that make you happy without feeling guilty!

This will help ensure that your marriage lasts longer because it won’t feel like a burden or obligation anymore.

My marriage is a blessing

Oh Lord, do a miracle in my marriage today.

Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge. – Heb 13:4 (KJV)

Put the above points to use.

Heb 13

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