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Have you ever thought about what you want to become in life? Have you ever wondered how adults become the professionals they are today? How did your mom and dad become what they are today?

Well, it’s all about deciding what they wanted to do at a very early age, much like you are right now. So you should start thinking in this direction, if you have not yet started.

What do you want to become? An astronaut, software designer, boat builder, race car driver or a writer? It is all about what you like to do. What do you like to do? Starting early to decide what you would like to become in future is important. This is because when you discover it, then you start to learn how to become it and then go through every process involved.

That’s how you can become what you want to become in life. The process will involve training, class lessons, exams and tests. You learn and then get tested before being certified as a professional.

Discover what you love to do and take all the necessary education you need about it. That’s how mommy and daddy did it.

Be like Samuel in the bible who learned under the prophet Eli. Under the prophet’s supervision, Samuel grew into a great prophet that God used to speak to kings in Israel.

May God show you what your passion is in Jesus name. May you come to know what you want to become in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Lord, help me to discover what I like to do and become in future in Jesus’ name. Amen

Action plan:
Start to note what you like doing. From there, you can discover your talents, then what you want to become in life.

I will help my parents and grandparents

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