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Not everyone around you is saved. Some people still don’t know about Jesus Christ. They may never have heard about Him before. They could have heard but not accepted Him as their Lord and Saviour.

Some of these people may not even be around you. They could be far from you, maybe countries away. Though you can’t reach them, your prayers can.

Spend time daily in prayers for the unsaved. Pray that they will meet with Jesus Christ in one way or another. Ask that God will send His spirit to convince them or that they will meet with someone that would introduce them to Jesus. People get to meet Jesus in many different ways.

In the story of Phillip and the eunuch, the Holy Spirit took Phillip straight to meet the man in his carriage. If the disciple had not met the man, he wouldn’t have been born-again. He was reading what he couldn’t understand and needed someone to explain to him.

Some people may have heard about Jesus Christ but need to learn more about Him. Your prayers can make them get such knowledge through someone. It’s called intercession. Your interceding on their behalf, asking the Holy Spirit to convict and convince them of who Jesus is.

May the Holy Spirit give you a heart of intercession. Amen.

Lord, I commit the unsaved into Your hands. Let them meet with Jesus. Amen,

Action Point:
Say a prayer for the unsaved today and always.

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