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No man is an island is a common saying that talks about the state of staying away and alone from others. It is not a good thing. This is why fellowship is important

Paul speaking in Gal, 3 said this:

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

According to this, in heaven there will be no restrictions due to race, sex or social standing. It will all be about if you had Jesus or not.

This is not only going to be like this in heaven, but here also on earth. You are not meant to relate with people because of their sex, race or social standing in the society or school. It should be because they are born-again just like you. It should be because they are Christians just like you. Not because they are popular or have the best gadgets at home. Or because their parents are rich or their shoes are fine or they smell nice. What should matter is that they are born-again Christians.

As a Christian you should join other believers to worship God and for bible study at school, in church and every other place the followers of Christ gather to hear about God.

Jesus expects you to be in the midst and in constant connection to other believers. That way you don’t lose your calling as a Christian, you learn more about God and His word, and much more.

If you are not connected regularly to other believers, it opens up the door for the devil to introduce what being a Christian is not to you. You start to learn new things that could be harmful to you.

Another reason why you should be with other believers is that when you are lost, they can help to show you the way back home to God.

May the Lord help you to remain connected to the fellowship of believers. Amen

Lord. Help me not to neglect the fellowship of the brethren. Help me to stay connected. Amen.

Action point:
What gathering of believers do you need to join now?


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