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What A Lady Expects From Her Lover. We are going to be looking at five things that a lady expects from her lover.

1. She expects that she would be genuinely loved
Every lady wants to be loved. The need for love can be so strong that ladies can give their body to get it, but sadly, they never get it that way. Love can never be gotten on the platform of sexual compromise.

Husbands love your wife, so says the scripture because God knows this is a great need of women. If you are not going to love her genuinely, let her be!

Don’t leave that beautiful, vivacious lady depressed, despondent and disappointed! Love her genuinely!

2. She expects that he is no longer living in sin
A believer does not live habitually in sin. He can make mistakes, but that is different from a habitual sinful lifestyle. He is not constantly talking about some hyper-grace message in other to keep living in sexual sins. 

Rom 6:1-2 (KJV) 
What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?  [2]  God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?

She does not want the man that would spend hours trying to show her in the Bible why sexual sin is not really a sin!

3. She expects him to pray for her
Every lady wants a priest! A priest, not a pest! Honestly as a man, if you cannot pray for her, if you cannot take spiritual responsibility and provide spiritual leadership, leave her alone!

Don’t tag along into marriage with that attitude. Being a man is not just about pointing your nozzle and filing tanks all over the place, it is about leadership and modeling God to her and the children.

 It’s a huge responsibility! What Else Does A Lady Expect from her Lover?

4. She expects that he will not take advantage of her
She wants a man that will not take advantage of her! She wants a protector, a man of integrity, a head, not a headache, a gardener, not a scavenger. Are you in that lady’s life to take advantage of her? Don’t do it, remember seed time and harvest.

A lady expects you will not capitalize on her weaknesses to set her up. She expects you will not use all info about her against her eventually. 

5. She expects that he is responsible and will be able to care for her
Finally, a lady expects to be cared for. As a man, be responsible. If you are out of job, find a work.  Sometimes, the loss of a job or inability to get a job while your other friends are getting could be an avenue to lead you into the discovery of God’s purpose for your life.

It takes a wicked man to willfully and deliberately rip apart a lady’s once peaceful life. God judges such things! If you are not going to care for her, stop telling her lies.

If you want her as a side chick, you will bring chaos into your life and her own. Ladies, allowing yourself to be labelled as a side-chick is an embarrassment on your dignity in God.

Disallow such. Why be a side-chick when you can be the main and the only chick?

Your husband cometh!  Do not give up on God! These are What A Lady Expects From Her Lover. Be blessed

I will not be shortchanged 

Lord, surround me with your favour

Rom 6:1 (MSG)  
So what do we do? Keep on sinning so God can keep on forgiving?

Read a good book on relationships

Mark 4 – 5


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