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Uncovering Four Damaging Character Flaws

Character flaws are not death sentences but defects that we should be willing to change. Change doesn’t come easy. However, to grow we all need to change. The only constant thing is change.  No one is born with the perfect set of characters, we all learn and cultivate them.

Many character flaws are destructive in relationships and marriage. It is essential to talk about them because once we are in love, we may not realize or pay attention to the signs that character flaws are present in your fiance or fiancee. 

Here are four character flaws

1. Pride

Once married you and your spouse are joined together as one and you don’t want to be destroyed along with your spouse. Pride goes before a fall.  You will notice pride when your partner has an over-inflated ego, doesn’t listen to correction, thinks he knows it all, and feels they are always the boss.  Humility is a virtue and it can be learned. Satan was proud and that was why he was cast down. So if you notice even the slightest trace of pride begin to do something about it. Often the person with the flaw may be ignorant of it.

Job 36:9 (MSG) God tells them where they’ve gone wrong, shows them how their pride has caused their trouble.

2. Insincerity

This is a character flaw that may have been learned from childhood as a coping mechanism. Some use it as a defense mechanism. It is not being truthful. The Bible recommends that our Yea be Yea and our Nay be Nay.  When your partner has problems with being sincere you need to pay attention to this character flaw.

3. Laziness 

A lazy person is the devil’s workshop. One of the virtues one should look for in a partner is hard work. Not just working hard but also working smart. If you learn to work hard, you will learn to cultivate your garden and grow your barren land turning it into a green pasture. There is dignity in labor while a lazy partner will always find fault with his tools. Fulfilling our destiny requires some level of tenacity and hard work. If you notice your partner is lazy, please pay attention to this character flaw.

Pro 15:19 (MSG) The path of lazy people is overgrown with briers; the diligent walk down a smooth road.

4. Greed

This is another character flaw that will eventually lead to destruction.  Yes, one should have the drive to want more in life, but greed happens when there is an insatiable and burning desire for more material things. This is what we call the mundane things. Anyone chasing the mundane things cannot be a God chaser and a chaser of His kingdom. A greedy person will chase shadows at the expense of the real things. A greedy person will neglect his family all in the name of making more money. 

Pay close attention to these character defects to avoid stories that touch the heart.

Be blessed.

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