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 Turning Marriage Flaws into Fabulous Moments

Living with imperfection in your marriage requires patience, understanding, and a willingness to embrace the reality that both you and your partner are flawed human beings. Here are some strategies to help you navigate imperfections in your marriage and foster a healthy, loving relationship:

1. Accept the Humanity of your spouse

Understand that no one is perfect, including yourself and your spouse. Embrace imperfections as part of being human and learn to accept each other’s flaws without judgment.

2. Be Grateful for little things

You can learn intentionally to focus on the little things your spouse does. Never take them for granted. They will not always do the right things, but for the good things don’t let ‘thank you’ escape your mouth

Turning Marriage Flaws into Fabulous Moments

3.  Communicate with Compassion: 

Don’t be known for being always harsh with your tongue. Pass your message across loving and in a meek tune. Choose your words carefully, knowing your spouse is your partner and not your maid

4.  Share Responsibilities:

Imperfections may sometimes affect certain aspects of your marriage. Be willing to share responsibilities and work as a team to manage challenges together.

5. Set Realistic Expectations:

Part of your realistic expectations is giving allowance for your spouse’s mistake. He/she will not be perfect in timing, thinking, talking etc. Manage your expectations of your spouse well

Turning Marriage Flaws into Fabulous Moments

6.  Invest in Emotional Intimacy:

Building emotional intimacy can strengthen your connection and understanding of each other. Share your feelings, dreams, and vulnerabilities with your partner to deepen your bond.

7. Forgive and let go

Holding onto grudges or dwelling on past mistakes can create resentment. Practice forgiveness, not only for your partner but also for yourself, and learn to let go of the past.

Practice these and the Lord will help you and give you more Grace in Jesus mighty name


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