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Transition from Boy to Husband and Father

Yesterday I spoke about transitioning from a Girl to a lady, to a wife, and a mother. We see how it’s of necessity we grow and develop at each stage so we can mature at each level and do as it is required of us.

Today we will be looking at the male version and how we are to develop at every stage of our lives.

You are a male by birth but we become a man by choice. You become a man by taking some deliberate steps or actions

  John   9:21   NKJV  but by what means he now sees we do not know, or who opened his eyes we do not know. He is of age; ask him. He will speak for himself.

Being a man describes one who can speak for himself. Most guys have identity crises. They can’t speak up for what they believe. Your ‘manhood’ starts when you can stand up for a godly course.

You grow from being a boy to becoming a man, mature emotionally, mentally, financially spiritually. 

Until you are a mature man you are not qualified to be a husband or to be married.

There are so many married boys. It’s not your age that makes you a man. 

Being a husband is a responsibility. Husband is from the word ‘husbandry’ which means ‘the care, cultivation, and breeding of crops and animals’.

It also means ‘management and conservation of resources’. A husband must be equipped to bind his home together. He should be able to manage the human resources of his wife and children. He cultivates and brings out the best in his wife and children.

When we have immature men becoming husbands, we have all sorts of marital problems. We have unfaithful men. Men who can’t be committed to their wives or their children.

They have not learned how to be committed to God. They can be selfish, don’t know how to manage their emotions, and don’t know. how to be vulnerable, sincere, and transparent with their wives.

A good. husband is an effective father, the source of life. Many boys are becoming fathers. What a tragedy of destiny. It is only boys that allow their erection to determine their direction.

Let every man and the ladies that love them and love the next generation, take up the responsibility of getting matured. Enough of half-baked men causing crisis in marriages. 

Let them become the proper servant leaders, God ordained them to be. Men who truly love their wives like Christ love the church and gave Himself for her.