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Transform Your Marriage With These Ten Ideas 

I want to share ten pieces of advice that can contribute to a flourishing relationship or marriage.

1. Cherish Each Other Always

Avoid the trap of taking your spouse’s love and efforts for granted. Whether it’s paying the bills or preparing meals, acknowledging and appreciating each other’s contributions is vital for a joyful marriage.

As lovers in a relationship, learn to compliment and appreciate one another. 

2. Minimize External Influences

External factors, such as in-laws, friends, colleagues, and family, can impact your marriage. While everyone plays a role, exercise wisdom in managing external influences to prevent unnecessary burdens on your relationship.

For singles in courtship, embrace counsels and do to isolate yourselves. 

3. Establish Family Goals

Having a common vision for the family fosters unity. Work towards achieving shared objectives, whether it’s a project, a vacation, or any other aspiration that binds both partners together.

While in courtship, set goals and exclude physical intimacy at that stage. 

4. Check in on Each Other’s Fulfillment

Don’t assume your spouse is always content. Regularly discuss career, goals, dreams, and aspirations to ensure you’re both fulfilled and can support each other’s growth.

5. Foster Transparency, Eliminate Secrets

Avoid the pitfalls of keeping secrets. Open communication builds trust, so be transparent about all aspects of your life, including finances. Shared knowledge prevents misunderstandings.

6. Cultivate Best-Friendship

Strive to be each other’s best friend. Engage in open conversations, share laughter, and enjoy recreational activities together. Marriage is more than a serious commitment; it should also be a source of joy.

7. Open the Financial Book

Maintain transparency in financial matters. Share details about income, expenses, and investments. This transparency not only builds trust but also ensures accountability.

8. Let Forgiveness Prevail

Address grievances promptly, preventing them from escalating into deeper issues. Avoid harboring resentment and practice forgiveness. Controlling your temper and choosing words wisely are essential for a peaceful marriage.

9. Measure Your Words

Words are powerful; they shape your marriage. Be cautious about what you say to your spouse. If you wouldn’t want to experience it, don’t say it. Your words should reflect the love and commitment you share.

10. Seek Wisdom from Respected Mentors

Having a mentor both partners respect can be invaluable. Seek guidance from experienced individuals during challenging times. Their wisdom may provide the insight needed to navigate various aspects of married life.

May these insights contribute to the success and longevity of your marriage. Blessings to you all.

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