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Top Ten Insights for Married Women Part 2 

We continue from where we left off yesterday! 

If you missed yesterday’s post, see it here

6. Embrace Your Voice, Empower Your Marriage

In the journey of matrimony, your words are more than mere expressions; they are catalysts for change. God, a speaking spirit, designed us to release creative power through speech. Don’t shy away—speak with wisdom, propelling your husband to take giant strides. Ensure you use the power of words to steer your marriage in the right direction by choosing to speak respectfully and with wisdom to your husband 

7. Avoid Silence, Be a Person of Influence

While being a person of few words is commendable, silence has no place in your relationship. Don’t be a piece of furniture; instead, be a strategic communicator. Your role as a helper is amplified when your words are infused with wisdom and purpose.

8. The Power of Genuine Prayer

As a helpmeet, embrace the role of an intercessor. Connect with God on behalf of your husband, bringing his burdens and dreams to the divine realm. In genuine intercession, you’ll find a source of strength that transcends the earthly realm.

9. Crafting a Haven: The Art of Homemaking

Wives are natural multipliers; utilize this creative power to enhance your husband’s life. Transform your house into a home, a place of peace and rejuvenation. Let your homemaking skills become a testament to your love and commitment.

10. In His Shoes: Understanding Every Aspect

To truly be a part of your husband’s life, delve into every aspect of it. Understand his finances, relationships, challenges, dreams, and more. Whether accompanying him physically or supporting from afar, be intimately involved in his journey. Do not be emotionally detached!

Acknowledge the unique role you play in managing your husband’s passions. In marriage, find creative ways to satisfy his needs, ensuring anticipation and excitement. This role is exclusive to you—embrace it with love and openness.

In embracing expressive communication, heartfelt prayer, and active involvement, you become the architect of a flourishing marriage. May understanding and love continue to thrive in your relationship.


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