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Three Ways To Show Undying Love To Your Wife

1. Take Care Of Her Needs
A lady has many needs; material, emotional and spiritual

Love to a lady is spelled being there for her at such times of need. As a guy who loves her genuinely, you should show empathy for her needs.

Definitely, you will not be expected to meet all her needs especially since you are not her Jehovah Jireh.

However, the husband is expected to show concern and encourage her in those times of need. Don’t just ignore her needs and pretend as if those needs are not important.

Let her know that her needs are important. Let her feel well taken care of. One of the distractions and deception the devil uses for ladies is to make them feel that some other guy can take care of them better.

As a man, don’t let the devil have the opportunity of deceiving her, take care of her well.

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2. Speak Into Her Life
Words for a woman are very important. More so, words from her head, her priest, and her crown. Speak kind words to her.

Never lash at her with your words. Never hurt or wound her with your words. Such words go deep into her heart, causing deep emotional pains.

A lady can never be all she has the potential to become if all she hears from her husband are downgrading words. Take up the role of a high priest in her life.

Keep speaking God’s word over her life. The lady is like a vine, which initially looks weak and has to coil around a wall or stake but later develops deep roots and branches and becomes very strong.

3. Listen To Her
There is no real love until you pay attention to her when she speaks.

The only way you can truly know a person is to listen when they speak. It’s from their words you understand how they reason, their opinions, and their viewpoints on issues

When your wife talks and you give her undivided attention, you are telling her she is important enough to listen to, that you value what she has to say so much, you want to listen, that she is intelligent enough in her conversation, you want to listen.

What you don’t understand is that when you treat your wife as though she is not intelligent, she notices, it affects her esteem and she begins to believe she is not intelligent and begins to act out what she believes.

May God bless our marriages.

I love my fiance/fiancee with God’s love

Lord, help me and teach me how to love and understand my loved one

Pro 5:18 (MSG) Bless your fresh-flowing fountain! Enjoy the wife you married as a young man!

Show love to her

Matthew 8; Mark 2


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