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SINGLES – Three Types Of Men Ladies Need To Know About

Continued from yesterday…


They capitalize on the weaknesses of ladies with low self esteem. They weaken already weak ladies. They take advantage of their weaknesses.

They have a way of locating needy ladies and low self esteem ladies who will offer their body endlessly in order to get love which will forever remain elusive. 

The scavenger is not looking for love or romance, he is simply looking for intercourse, and he will feign love and care to get what he wants. The day he stops getting that, he moves on, and the lady is left heartbroken.

What the scavenger does not know is that life is all about seed, time and harvest! He has unwittingly sown bad seeds and the harvest will spring up in time.

How do you avoid a scavenger? Learn new creation realities. Know who you are in Christ. Meditate on his word and develop God-confidence.
What do you do as a single if you find yourself here? Stop offering your body! Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. Start over and get out of all ungodly relationships


These are the real men and I know this is where you belong! They cultivate their women, make them blossom, fruitful and bring out the best in them.

Ladies, you are like a fruitful vine, tender, yet full of great potentials. You have the responsibility of watching where and who plants you.

The environment (relationship) you agree to get involved with determines whether you will blossom or not.

Is the guy you are going out with a hunter? Is he always draining you financially, telling you it’s ok, promising to marry you? Is he a scavenger? He knows your story of abuse, low self esteem, that you have been deflowered and he feels he is the next person to sleep with you?

Make sure you do not enter into a relationship until you can vouch that the guy is a ‘gardener’, ‘a real man’, a ‘groom’, someone who will cultivate you, lead you and take you on a journey of self discovery and self confidence.

You can do it by God’s grace, if you trust and seek his help.

Always remember this, the wisdom you need to resolve the present issue lies with God.

I pray for you this day that God will surround you with His love.

Ladies, you will blossom in Jesus name. You will burst forth with full manifestation of your gifting in Jesus name.

Men, receive grace and wisdom to be the best that God has called you to be over your wife and your home! Three Types Of Men Ladies Need To Know About

I will not fall into the hands of a hunter or scavenger. I am a a fruitful vine.

Father I receive help to be all you desire me to be. I refuse to be the object of abuse of any man.

‘Thy wife shall be like a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house’ Ps.128:3

Get yourself out of any abusive relationship. Seek advice and help where necessary.

Ezek 16-20


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