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SINGLES-Three Things You Can Do In Your Relationship

3. There will be wrong mindsets to DISSOLVE.

There will be wrong relationships to dissolve. For example, you cannot be getting counsel on how to run your relationship/home from someone who has none! He could cancel your destiny in an attempt to counsel you!

Your friend who is not in a relationship cannot be counseling you a week to your wedding. Friendship is by choice, not by force. Do not be apologetic about it, because it is about your destiny.

If your best friend is living a sinful life and you know, after trying to correct him or her and refuses to bulge, it is better to dissolve such relationships so that he won’t dissolve your destiny.

The Three Things You Can Do In Your Relationship are Solve the problems, resolve the quarrels, and dissolve the relationships that can ruin you. If you are single and courting, and you are constantly involved in sexual affairs, it is time to dissolve such because laws of cause and effect will soon take it’s course.

Here at Kisses and Huggs Club, we do not compromise! You cannot outrightly disobey God and expect his protection, favour, and blessings. Dissolve every homosexual relationship before it ruins you. Lesbianism is direct disobedience and affronts to God.

Dissolve it and run to God!

Those friends with whom you revel and frolic in sexual adventures, watching pornographic films and having group masturbation, run away from them and for your life and dissolve those relationships.

The friends who are trying to get you into sleeping with wealthy men in exchange for money are out not to help you but to ruin you. Dissolve those relationships.

After you have dissolved them, ask God to help you. Don’t ever think God will ignore you or punish you. God is not a taskmaster; He is a merciful and loving father.

The moment he sees you are calling on him and turning a new leaf, he will embrace you with His everlasting arms and restore you to a place of dignity. He will never condemn you.

God wants to save you. As you read this and feel some conviction, do not waste time, call Him now. He will visit you, cleanse you from every iniquity and make you new inside out.

You will come to discover, that true joy, fulfillment, direction, hope, and living by grace that comes from Jesus, the lover of your soul! This year will be a glorious year in Jesus name. Three Things You Can Do In Your Relationship

I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.

Lord, strengthen me in my inner man to do the impossible this year.

True wisdom and real power belong to God; from him we learn how to live, and also what to live for. –Job 12:13 (MSG)

Dissolve everything that needs to be addressed

Genesis 10-11


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