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Those who honor was taught by Pastor Dunamis Okunowo on the 16th of May 2021 at Shouts of Grace Center, Joke Plaza, Beside Trans Amusement Park, Bodija-UI Road, Ibadan.

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  • Proverbs 4:20; 7:24
  • The reason we pray long most times, for years often is that we are violating principles

How To Honor

1. You honor your father(either spiritual or biological) by paying attention to his words.

  • What you take in is what will bring the quality out of your life. It is also what will determine the gloriousness of your future.
  • Ephesians 6:1-3
  • When you honor, nothing can cut your life short.
  • Obeying your parents is giving them honor.
  • God looks at your heart and, not your actions.
  • When your heart is bad everything else will be bad.
  • As bad as the devil is, he can’t access your life unless you give him permission – That is when you go agsint God’s instructions.
  • Don’t allow your heart to be a deposit of junk.
  • Learn to obey because it translates to honor
  • Don’t allow strife, hurt, anger, bitterness get the best of you.
  • One day of favour has the ability to rubbish a hundred years of labour.
  • The devil came, but Jesus has come too.. John 10:10
  • Stay with the word, enjoy God.
  • Honoring God requires sacrifice.

2. Honor your father by paying attention without arguing – Titus 2:9

  • Whoever you argue with, you dishonor.
  • Paying attention causes you not to talk back. It is an honor to listen first. You can go as far as prostrating for a person and still dishonor that person.
  • It is your heart that matters most (the content of your heart and motives).
  • The gloriousness of your destiny is dependent on what you take i.

3. Honor by paying attention to all instructions whether big or small – John 2:5

Signs of Dishonor

Isaiah 53:3

  1. Your absence can be a sign of dishonor – 1 Samuel 15:28-30
  2. Your failure to call on someone can be a sign of dishonor. Matthew 2:15-16. Refusal to answer a call is also a sign of dishonor.
  3. Disregarding advice. Deuteronomy 5
  4. Leaving can also be a sign of dishonor – Luke 15:17-18. When you leave unceremoniously, you are disregarding your parents.
  5. Your stubbornness can be a sign of dishonor – Exodus 14:3-4