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Somebody said the most complex being that God created is a woman. I am not sure whether to agree to that. I leave you to conclude and be the judge. Perhaps, people will have different opinions based on their experiences.

I believe every lady has a key. And you don’t need to search for the keys of every woman. You only need one key, the one for your spouse! That’s all. 

Once you have that key, you are good. Now, this key is not meant to be used to manipulate her emotions, where you become the master puppeteer with all the strings.

What we are talking about is having your fiancee’s password, learning it, using it to please her, and seeking to understand the great help that God is bringing into your life.

Our culture or environment might be saying you are doing a woman a favour when you marry her, but it is the other way round.

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When you find a woman, you find good and you bring favour into your life. Good things will begin to aggregate in your life!

That is why I normally pray for people, “You will not Shi-Marry! Bad English, good prayer! Because when you get married to the right woman, good things will happen to you. Conversely, if you get married to the wrong woman, it is like inviting a nemesis into one’s life!

May your path not cross with a strange woman who flatters with her mouth and whose path leads to hell. That is exactly what the scripture says!

It will do you well to understand the lady in your life, whether you are single or married.

Here are two things every lady wants her man to do daily.

1. Pray for or with her daily

That is very important. Thank God for your six-packs, but without some spiritual perks, you are finished.

Thank God for your phonetics, but if you don’t know how to speak in tongues, you are not ready to face the battles that come with raising a family and overcoming them. 

Thank God for your bank account, but if you are spiritually bankrupt and you don’t know how to lead your family as a priest, trouble looms ahead.

2. Tell her “I love you” regularly, and mean it!

How can this be on the list? Well, that is very important to every lady. Women go through a variety of complex emotions that are often accompanied by self esteem issues, they just needed to be affirmed over and over again especially by the one they love!

Don’t allow people outside to help you complement your loved one outside lest she becomes distracted. How long do I have to do that daily? Well, maybe as often as you can. Do it as often as you have the opportunity.

Your fiancee lives on words. That is why average, women talk more than men. An average man speaks ten thousand words daily while an average woman is doing twenty-five thousand! Isn’t that huge?

She loves to be tickled with words. She might be acting like she is not enjoying it, but in reality she is. She is putting up that attitude because she wants more.

So when you tell your lady “I love you,” She goes like, hmmm…as if she is doubting you. In reality, within her, she doesn’t want you to stop and she wants you to repeat it again.

Let me pray for you this morning:
I come against that wrong spirit in your relationship, I curse the spirit behind misunderstanding, quarrels, bitterness and acrimony. I destroy their powers in the name of Jesus. I release over you the balm of Gilead and I ask for healing over every hurt and wounds in the name of Jesus.

By the strength of my call, I ask that the love of God be shed abroad in your heart right now, I command every veil to be removed and I speak healing over your relationship/marriage in Jesus name! I declare you are free from that attack in Jesus name.

I will love my spouse in God’s terms

Lord, help me to end all issues leading to constant strife

“The same goes for you husbands: Be good husbands to your wives. Honor them, delight in them. As women they lack some of your advantages. But in the new life of God’s grace, you’re equals. Treat your wives, then, as equals so your prayers don’t run aground.” (1Pe 3:7, MSG)

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Nehemiah 1-5


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