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The ultimate goal of every marriage is for both the husband and the wife to grow increasingly in love and intimate with each other.

When you look at your marriage, can you say of the truth that you and your spouse are growing in love?

You may start out not being so close with each other in terms of understanding each other, but as the years roll by, you should be growing in intimacy.

However, it takes some couples longer years to grow to that level of intimacy. Some couples are like cat and mouse. They have not been able to work out their differences.

It is like a rat race, the husband always wants the wife to be exactly like him and vice versa. They always want to fashion their wife into what they want or what they feel she should be like. The same thing with the wife, always trying to make her husband into her image of what a husband should be.

God has not called us to the ministry of changing our spouses. It is a futile ministry, a ministry that will never prosper. If anything, you will end up having a spouse who is a clone of himself or herself.

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Allow your spouse to grow at his/her pace.  Don’t try to change your spouse. Your spouse is not essentially your primary responsibility in terms of monitoring him /her. Do more prayer and intercession for your spouse and allow God to get through to him/her.

Don’t let us be too hasty in judging our spouse. Let’s learn to rather commend them to God and to the word of his grace which is able to build up and give them an inheritance among them that are sanctified, as instructed in Acts 20:32

Here are some characters to watch out for that can hinder intimacy in marriage

1. Immaturity
Learn to handle things in your marriage maturely. Learn to separate issues from your spouses’ personality.

2. Being temperamental
When you are too strong on your personality or being a difficult person.

3. Being too emotional

4. Not forgiving easily

5. Not respecting your spouse as an individual and God’s child.

6.  Not being easy to talk with

7.  Lack of understanding
If you don’t understand that you and your spouse are different and that you see things from different standpoints, intimacy is going to be difficult

All these and much more are things that can prevent any marriage from experiencing the intimacy they so much desire.

God bless your marriage.

I choose to be intimate with my spouse

Oh Lord, teach me how to love my spouse with all my heart

Gen 2:24[NKJV] Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

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