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The Power of Mentoring Among Couples

One of the foundational ingredients of a successful marriage is being under authority. By authority, I mean good authority because it is possible for someone to be under a negative authority.

It is good when your spouse has someone or people (not too many) that he/she listens to. The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. You should at least have a spiritual authority figure that can speak into your lives as a couple.

When you have questions or you have hot arguments, there must be someone you can run to, someone who loves you enough to correct your wrong and give you the right direction.

This has been the undoing of so many marriages. They have decided to live like an island. There are no custom-made issues in marriage. The problems in marriage are common to all marriages. They may come in a different flavor but basically, they are the same things.

You take the pressure off your marriage when you have someone you can talk to and most importantly, LISTEN to.

The person has to be considered a mentor because he/ she is considered older, more experienced, and more spiritual.

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Your mentors may not be your parents because it has been discovered that parents could be sentimental in their judgments.

You don’t have to learn from experience. Learn by the wisdom of your mentors. There are a lot of things we assume we know, but we do not know as we ought to know.

So many marriages are achieving below their marital potential. They have denied themselves their great destiny potential because they feel they can handle stuff by themselves.

Even Jesus had to grow, had to be subject to his parents, had to be taught, and had teachers.

I remember an issue we had a while ago. It was so knotty, it was as if the devil was ready to throw in confusion and disagreement into our home. Thank God for our mentors, it was not so much of what was said, it was their intercession for us that solved the issue.

So don’t be afraid of sharing your problems. Some think they have not solved their own problems before they are solving other people’s problems. That’s being childish. Is like saying a doctor is not qualified to help the sick because he has malaria himself.

A doctor is graced and anointed with the wisdom and knowledge to help the sick. Of course, if he doesn’t apply the same principles he is giving to the sick to himself, he will be sick and have to use the same medicine he is prescribing to his patient.

God bless your marriage

I am humbled to listen to the counsel of my mentors.

God give a listening ear and a receiving heart

Pro 24:6 For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war: and in multitude of counsellors there is safety.

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