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The Man’s Helper

I will write to couples first and then singles.

God was the one who created Adam in His likeness and image.

Looking at the Godhead, we will know that God created man to be like Him. That is why we have God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. They are in perfect harmony, yet different in personality and functionality.

Genesis 2:18 CEV   
[18] The Lord God said, “It isn’t good for the man to live alone. I will make a suitable partner for him.” 

Genesis 2:21-22 CEV   
[21] So the Lord God made him fall into a deep sleep, and he took out one of the man’s ribs. Then after closing the man’s side, [22] the Lord made a woman out of the rib. The Lord God brought her to the man, 

God knew perfectly what He had created and knew how best it would function. He knew the man would not be optimally efficient, so He made the woman solely for this purpose. To complement and complete the man.

The woman was custom-made for the man. She is the help needed, fit, suitable, adaptable, meet, right for him, sufficient, complementary, perfect, complement to him, companion he needs, one just right for him, one who balances him, a counterpart who is suitable and complementary to him,  companion suitable for helping him, a suitable companion he needs…

All these qualities are what describe the help God provided for Adam.

Can you trust God in all His Almightiness that the helper He has given you, is the best for you?

Can the helper trust God enough to believe she possesses all these qualities? And that God packaged her, with all her gifts to help the man?

Husbands and wives, can you trust God enough that you are fulfilled and complete with each other? That all you will ever need is packaged in your wife. 

She may not look like it. He may not look worthy of your companionship.

Your wife was never meant to be exactly like you. Rice and stew are complementary but very different. 

Enjoy your wife, she is God’s best for you.

Wives, be satisfied with your husband, that is the one you were sent to.

Let’s begin to trust God afresh.

Dear single guys, every lady around you is to be protected and not violated! An understanding of this will start preparing you to become that man that God wants and can trust!

God bless you


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