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We live in a world where there are constant battles, but we are not afraid because we always win. How? Let me start by asking you my own question. Can you believe that heaven has its own armies just like nations here on earth do too? Just for a second, imagine that. Generals, colonels, captains, sergeants – the whole rank and file of the military. Wow.

Who do you think is going to be the head of this army? Your guess is as good as mine. God is the commander of the armies of heaven. The great Grand Commander of the armies of heaven. Remember that He is Elohim, the Eternal Creator. So what are those battles He will not win? They definitely don’t exist. He created all things including the hosts of heaven.

 As the Grand Commander of these armies, He makes plans concerning your future and ensuring it is a bright one. He gives you victory in the battles of life.

He sends out units of angels to protect and provide for His children (you and I and every other child of God). Angels are God’s heavenly messengers who obey His every bidding.

“…You are his servants who do want He wants.” Psalm 103:21 ICB.

When  Joshua and the Israelites faced their enemies, God sent His angel to help them (Joshua 5:13-14). God helped them in the battles they fought.

Angels also are sent to deliver messages to God’s children. Like the angel told Mary of how she was going to give birth to the Messiah.

The Holy Spirit also equips you with the ability to warfare in the spiritual realm by His presence inside of you. An example of this is when you suddenly get an urge from the Holy Spirit to pray or when you know you need to pray. The Holy Spirit supplies you with the words to engage in the spiritual arena. He gives you the strength for the battles too.

In every battle God is present, watching the turn of events, though the result may be disappointing, knowing that God never loses a battle should be your assurance of victory.

Again, He never loses in battles. When He goes to war, He always wins.

May God fight your everyday battles for you in Jesus name. Amen.

Prayer point:
Lord of the Armies of Heaven, I praise and worship You. Thank you for Your dedication to fighting all my battles. I come out victorious and stronger from all my battles because of You God. Thank you.

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