Teaching Our Children The Art Of Giving

The art of giving
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The art of giving is one that every parent should teach the child. Giving is a core part of our Christian faith and God desires we do it. Seun kept frowning all the way home. He was missing his white sneakers already and kept picturing them on Sunday’s feet; his best sneakers. He had saved to buy them.

There is a type of giving that is sacrificial. Giving we do that is very dear to us. We take something very precious to us and give it to someone who really needs it urgently. This is an aspect in the art of giving.

You don’t give because there is an extra one available somewhere. There is none somewhere. You are not even expecting another one to surface instantly. You give the only one you have and learn to live without that thing.

Sacrificial giving is the height of giving because the purpose for giving is the major idea. That is the goal for the giving.

God demonstrated this type of giving to us when Jesus died for the sins of the whole world. That means that God knows the art of giving. See the Scripture:

John 3:16 ICB “For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son. God gave his Son so that whoever believes in him may not be lost, but have eternal life.”

God gave Jesus up for us. There was no other son. The purpose for giving up Jesus (our eternity) was more important to God at that moment.

Abraham also knew the art of giving. Look at the story of Abraham about to sacrifice Isaac. The son he loved the most. He was ready to give him up for God. Not until God told him to stop, Abraham was ready to go the extra length with Isaac.

You can give your time, efforts, talents, money, knowledge all for the sake of seeing a change in someone’s life, your environment, church, or country; a change that would drastically bring a huge change to lives and society. You should learn the art of giving.

God bless you marvelously. Amen

Prayer point:
Lord, help me to give to change the lives and world around me. Make me a change maker just like you did with Jesus. Help me to learn the art of giving. Amen.

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