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We started the topic “the intricacies of cheating on your spouse” yesterday. It’s important to never neglect each other.

Married Couples:

When you neglect each other, you become vulnerable. Both of you are in the days of your flesh. There are distractions out there. There may be somebody competing for his or her attention, and one of the ways to fortify your spouse against compromise is to give him or her a lot of attention. The devil feasts on feelings of neglect and will always attempt to set you up, so be wise. Sometimes, you might need to swallow your pride and put your ego aside for a while, but make sure you don’t play the ‘neglect’ card. Spend time with each other.

Oh yes, you have a busy work. Would you want to lose your spouse because of work? God forbid! So you must strive to strike a balance always. Take each other out! It is pathetic at the number of folk I have to handle in the area of compromise and adultery. There have been unlikely affairs with unbelievable people, and this is not different even as you grow older. This issue is not resolved with age, if anything; vulnerabilities increase with age, even as insecurities mount up.

One of the greatest causes of adultery, you wont believe, is when a spouse is deprived or starved of Jeru Trip! Jeru Trip is very important in a marriage. God that created it within marriage sanctity knows what He is doing!

God doesn’t just want you to have some speedy, rough, flight of Jeru trips, but wants you to get to the “mountain top!” It is amazing when I hear some women say they have never experienced a true “mountain top” experience!

I always tell men, you don’t use a helicopter for Jeru trips; that takes off and lands roughly! She is not going to enjoy it that way! Jeru trip is better done with an airplane; that taxis around before take off! That is how to fortify each other. Learn to listen to what she is saying and what she is not saying. The same goes for the lady. Love each other genuinely. Don’t be a Tom and Jerry Couple!


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