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The family altar is where the family consisting of the father, mother, children, and any other person living in the home come together and all look up together to God as their rock of Defence against all the odds in marriage and life.

It is a place of unity, where God is invited to unite the family together. The prayer altar is meant to be a place of sincerity and honesty. Each member of the family should be taught not to approach God’s presence like a superhero but to be vulnerable in His presence.

Each member of the family must be taught to participate enthusiastically in worship, praise, prayer,  confessions, reading the Bible and discussions, since these are the activities done during the family altar.

Now there are many scenarios in different homes and marriages that can debar a proper daily family altar. We have couples who have never had family altar as their family routine before and just want to start.

We have a family where the husband doesn’t like the idea or doesn’t give it much priority or attention.

We have a family where the husband is always busy thus the wife is left to organize the family devotion.

We have a family where it is a headache to get the children to participate.

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In other families, the issue of timing is their case. Others yet, it is a disagreement between the couples that forms a hindrance to their family altar.

Whichever group we fall into, we should know that our family devotion is very, very important. The importance of the family altar may not be obvious at the present but it will eventually show.

I grew up with my dad leading the family altar in the morning and evening and we can see the benefits 30 years after in the lives of all of the children. Begin to make efforts to start your family altar now if you have not and you can strengthen your family altar if you already have a family altar.

Let your children be more participative. Let it suit their ages, as you put them into consideration. Let the time of the devotion not be too long to help their concentration.

Let God help you to find what suits the whole family. Work out something that everybody will be comfortable with.

God bless your marriage

I receive the grace to take my family altar more seriously.

Ask for wisdom and understanding for your marriage

Prov 11:29 (GW) Whoever brings trouble upon his family inherits only wind, and that stubborn fool becomes a slave to the wise in heart.

Start your family altar

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