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There shouldn’t be issues of somebody giving you a “nail” when you propose if you follow simple traffic rules.

The guy is like the one driving a car and the lady is the parking space.

So the guy is driving and he wants to ‘branch’ into a place, traffic rule says you should trafficate.

According to Wikipedia, Trafficators are semaphore signals which, when operated, protrude from the bodywork of a motor vehicle to indicate its intention to turn in the direction indicated by the pointing signal.

So a guy is interested in a lady, you want to turn in her direction, the next thing to do is to use your trafficator!
How do you do that?

You indicate your intention in little but healthy ways. You must have been friends of course! You send her an SMS (not to propose, but just saying hi), buy her a card, or keep a bar of chocolate for her. Those are some little healthy gestures that tell her, I want to “turn here.” That way, you are using the trafficator.

Now, the girl with her attitudes, reactions, and body language will either welcome you or rebuff you completely. It is either she brings up a signpost that tells you that you can turn in here or she brings up a warning sign, ‘No Parking!’

Once you see ‘No parking’ repeatedly, you simply drive on and say, ‘who wants to park before, my hands just mistakenly hit the trafficator!

You see that way, you stop wasting your time and energy and you avoid unnecessary rejection and you are still friends at the end of the day.

But you see, there are guys who are not really interested in commitment who just want to have a place to park illegally and have some jeru trip. Be wary of such.

Then, there are guys that will not trafficate at all and will just turn in. That is a traffic offence tantamount to justified rejection. You don’t operate like that in the kingdom.

There are also guys, who will trafficate right and then they abruptly turn to the left. That is nothing but wickedness. It is a traffic offence! Those kinds of guys should not be given an inch of parking space at all. They are not being sincere about what they really want.

Then there are also guys who will leave their double blinker on. You are not sure where they are going because the trafficators show they are turning both left and right at the same time. Don’t give your attention to such guys!

Traffic offences will always attract traffic officers and they will either arrest you or waste your time. Learn to do it God’s way so you don’t end up wasting a few years in your attempts at marriage.

And then for guys, look at the signs very well before you turn in. There are some places that are just dead ends. When you get entangled and fall in love with someone who has no relationship with God in any form but because she has hot legs, you are simply looking for trouble.

There are also places where the parking space is full, there is no reason getting involved with a married person. But you and your car may not survive it!

For married people, appreciate your spouse and stop using your trafficators on forbidden zones. There are some places you are not permitted to drive to again. You can admire those parking spaces but don’t desire them and don’t go there. Go back and use your space that God has given you and God will bless you on that.

As a married man, there are several parking places that look so alluring but God says don’t try it. They look beautiful with soft grass where your car can easily be parked but underneath are sharp pricks that will ground your vehicle. You will be immobilized, your destiny will be truncated and you will be grounded.

If you are illegally parked somewhere, it is time to move before you are grounded. If you are already grounded, get a towing vehicle and move out fast. That will cost you a little but it is the best thing to do. Run to God and decide to do it right. That is when you can run your race with grace and you will be sure you will get to your destination.

I pray for you this morning that every hindrance in your way is removed in Jesus name. You will surely get to your destination.

I will not miss it in marriage

Lord, help me to trafficate rightly.

Ephesians 1:17-18 NLT asking God, the glorious Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, to give you spiritual wisdom and insight so that you might grow in your knowledge of God. I pray that your hearts will be flooded with light so that you can understand the confident hope he has given to those he called—his holy people who are his rich and glorious inheritance.

Trafficate before you park

Ps 121


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