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Continued from yesterday

3. Repulsion

 Here is the stage a lot of relationships break up. Here, the differences between the lady and the man become glaring and very obvious. Differences in attitudes, characters, and mannerisms may result in misunderstanding. Immaturity and selfishness may result in break-ups.

It would take two people with the love and peace of God guarding their hearts to go through this stage successfully. If your love is based on ephemeral conviction, it cannot stand this stage. If your conviction is not really founded in God, the foundation collapses at this stage. 

4. Endurance

Only relationships built on the solid foundation of God’s Word can endure this phase. Here, it seems that all you have in common apart from God are just differences, differences, and differences! At this stage, quarrels seem to be the order of the day.

The knowledge of the basic differences between a man and a woman, constant prayers offered for the relationship, and the presence of a good mentor over the relationship are very helpful to avoid break-up here. This is the stage you often reach the conclusion that the marriage cannot work.

When I got to this stage, I wanted to break up, and she wanted to break up. But every time we decided to go our separate ways, we lost our peace! We always came back. It is at this stage you decide to embrace God’s plan instead of being selfish and egotistical.

This is the most critical stage; any relationship that goes through this stage successfully will be established.

5. Enjoyment

After endurance comes enjoyment. Here you realize the rewards and blessings of relationship. The Biblical truth of two being better than one, and two being able to chase ten thousand while one could only chase a thousand, becomes a physical reality. Here, the differences are seen as a blessing, not as a challenge. The two enjoy their relationship. They align their visions; they now understand each other.   They forgive easily. They stop getting hurt at everything and they decide to forge ahead in God!

Let me note here, that presence of good mentors and exposure to knowledge often helps to minimize issues in these stages.

I pray for you this day, that at whichever stage you find yourself, the wisdom of God will be available for you in Jesus name!

I am patient. I am not hasty. I am led of God

I receive the grace to be patient in Jesus name. I receive help from God’s Spirit to stay with God’s plan for my life and relationship

Jas 1:2-3 MSG Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come at you from all sides. You know that under pressure, your faith-life is forced into the open and shows its true colors.

Locate which stage you may be in right now and discuss with your fiancée or spouse on how to pull through

John 2-4


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