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First of all, there is a difference between one’s love language being “gifts” and when one is just being covetous or greedy.

If your fiancé/fiancée/spouse’s love language is gifts, what it means is that until you start appreciating him or her with gifts in a consistent manner, he or she will not feel loved.

How do you know if someone is not just being greedy?

1. Do or Die?

He will not always demand gifts in a do-or-die manner.

2. Love Gives

When you are in a relationship, and no gifts are forthcoming, there may be an issue there because love gives.

What if he or she has no money or has no job? As I said, a gift is a gift and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Writing her a poem is a gift!

Buying him one tiny little chocolate is a gift! What is important is not the gift itself, it is the gesture that brings assurance of being loved and cared for.

When you are able to give gifts in the midst of not too much provision, you will also be able to do so when you eventually have more income.

Your giving spirit is more of an attitude than spending power.

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3. Love is patient

He will not back out just because gifts are not forthcoming. She will not break the relationship because you are not financially buoyant.

4. He will not just be a receiver

He will not just be demanding while he folds his arms and never gives back. Love gives.

5. Giving Back

He will give away gifts too because that is the language he understands and that is what he craves. She would want to give back gifts as well.

6. Gift is not Payment

When a lady gives out her body for money, that is not about love language because what she gets is no longer ‘gifts’ it has become an illegal payment for services rendered and that is not God’s order.

7. Conclusion

In conclusion, and in expressing this language, let God’s word guide you and keep you within godly boundaries.

Don’t borrow to give gifts. Don’t take a loan just to impress someone. Don’t start what you cannot sustain. Don’t spend the money you don’t have to buy things that are not needed in order to impress people that are not looking.

May God grant more understanding!

I am not greedy.

Lord, help me to love correctly.

Joh 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes, should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Give genuinely

John 3


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