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Continued from yesterday…

“I should not ask for respect right, but you can be asking for Ice cream and jewelry all the time, right? That was how you never allow me to touch you, always forming holiness!”

“So, you want to touch us before marriage, abi? So that you can taste us and sample us and then back out?”

“We are wiser now!” Pastor Dunamis said no wedding, no sex!”

“Is that even possible in this age? One man said? That pastor must be wicked”

“It is you who want to desecrate us that are wicked.” I love my pastor!”

Why did we allow these men to join us in this journey,” one woman said, getting tired already.

Her husband heard that and screamed, “You too? I have been waiting for you to speak since. We will meet at home.”

“Which home? Are we married?”

“Eh! These ones are sinners o, they are tasting something without getting married!”

“Was he not the one that convinced me that we would do our white wedding after we have sex just once and then the next thing was that my tummy shot out?”

Did you miss out on yesterday’s devotional, we’ve got you covered. Kindly go HERE. For KHC video Devotionals, kindly go HERE

“Kai! Wicked man!” Another woman said.

“But you didn’t tell them that you were begging me to marry you and you packed your things into my house before the wedding!”

“Is that what you would say? You are an ingrate, upon all the pot of stews I cooked for you with my money.”

“Your money? What about the laptop and the iPhone X I bought for you when I saw you were using an android?”

“Say it and let everybody hear now, shameless man! iPhone X nonsense that was always freezing when other men were buying Pro Max for their wives!”

“By the way, my wife changes her phones every month and I take care of the bill.” Another man said.

“Who wants the phones?” His wife replied.

“I want you! Today, you are in Japan, tomorrow, you are in China, I never knew I was getting married to the traveling secretary of the astronauts.”

They ranted on and on….and in the end, stopped their journey and turned back home.

They discovered that what one wife wants was already another woman’s problem and what the other doesn’t want is exactly what another is praying for. 

They had to make decisions.

Tomorrow, we will be looking at the decisions they took.

Don’t miss it.

I will respect my partner at all times

Lord Jesus, lead me to the rightful person for me

After all, we don’t want to unwittingly give Satan an opening for yet more mischief – we’re not oblivious to his sly ways! (2Co 2:11 MSG)

Decide to do it God’s way

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