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The Covenant of help was taught by Pastor Sophia on the 16th of May 2021 at Shouts of Grace Center, Joke Plaza, Beside Trans Amusement Park, Bodija-UI Road, Ibadan.

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  • Times and seasons are in the jurisdiction of God.
  • God is cutting a covenant with us where he is arising, saying that it’s our time and season.

What part do I have to play in the covenant?

1. Put the word of His help in your heart and on your lips. Meditate on it

  • I need help and I also need to come to the realization that I need help in my destiny, marriage, ministry, career e.t.c.
  • Isaiah 50:7
  • Get busy with God, meditating on scriptures, praying, worshipping and you won’t have time for the flesh – genesis 49:25, 1 Chronicles 12:22, Psalm 46:5
  • The word of God never dies.

2. Believe the word

  • Never doubt God’s word regardless of the circumstance.
  • God’s every word is interwoven. God can do more than we can conceive. The word of God eliminates the agenda of the devil.

3. Be consumed by the word

  • There is always work to do whichever way you take, whether the way of the covenant or the way of the world.

4. Thank God for the word of help

  • The process of faith is not complete without gratitude.
  • Focus on Him. The process of obtaining from God will have to do with all of you. Your whole life, attention, thoughts. e.t.c
  • God is a jealous God and so he requires that you give him your all.

5. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit

  • God will accomplish his help by his spirit
  • God wants us to show forth and show off and do the impossible in your life.

6. Continually pray in tongues.

  • The angel of help is released over SGC.