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The Anatomy Of A Foolish Lover

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Everybody reading this, including myself would have done some foolish things in time past, so nobody is really exempt and this is not to condemn or indict anybody.

Every man has his share of mistakes, but the wisdom in past foolishness is learning from them and adjusting accordingly. So the pertinent question this morning is, “Am I doing something foolish presently unknowingly? Have I been entangled in the web of foolishness without knowing?”

It is important to take an inventory of yourself because the foolishness of the foolish does not allow him to identify his foolishness, he sometimes thinks, the wise are the foolish ones!

Sometimes, you need the help of another to be able to see your foolishness because foolishness blinds.

In Matt. 23:17, 19, Luk.11:40 and Luk. 24:25, Jesus actually referred to some people as fools.

So, who is a foolish man? Who will God call a foolish man or woman? Let’s learn a few things from Solomon, a once wisest man on the planet. We cannot exhaust all but here are a few.

1. A foolish lover despises wisdom and instruction

The reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord is the beginning and the principal and choice part of knowledge [its starting point and its essence]; but fools despise skillful and godly Wisdom, instruction, and discipline.

Pro 1:7 AMP

A wise man knows that the starting point of life is to be a God worshipper and a lover of God. He is apt to want to learn the things of God. A foolish man on the other hand will not appreciate or value wisdom.

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2. A foolish person makes fun of God and dislikes knowledge

“How long will you childish people love your childish ways? How long will you rude people enjoy making fun of God and others? How long will you foolish people hate knowledge?

Pro 1:22 NIrV

A foolish man laughs at the things and ways of God. He practically hates knowledge. He never reads any books. He or she prefers to spend time jesting, watching films lazily, and such things rather than seeking to improve himself.

To be continued tomorrow…

I do not do things foolishly.

Lord, give me wisdom for living.

Prov 1:7 [NET] Fearing the Lord is the beginning of moral knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Read books

Prov 1

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The Anatomy Of A Foolish Lover

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