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A lot of men seem to have a lot of complaints about their wives. They really don’t seem to understand them. To say the least, most men think their wives are very annoying.

This could be because of their temperamental differences and more so, the male-female differences.

Men basically are logical and women are basically emotional beings.

What men and usually most husbands call ‘annoying’, is the emotional side of their wife which men do not understand.

For example, a husband cannot make sense/logic out of a woman crying over every issue. Your child has Malaria, she cries. Your child is going to school, she cries, and so on.

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It takes a mature man to understand his wife and be patient.

My attempt this morning is not trying to justify the annoying things that women do but to point them out. Let the wives know it annoys their husbands and become mature emotionally to prevent such.

Here are ten annoying things wives do for their husband

1. Getting moody without any explanation and thinking the husband has some superpowers to decode their moods. Your husband does not have superpowers, so you have to try and articulate yourself.

2. When your wife wants something and she doesn’t go straight to the point. It could be annoying. Dear husband, try to cope and lovingly bear with your wife.

3. Nagging is another thing that annoys men. Women are known to nag when they want something to be done or not to be done.

4. Withdrawal is another annoying thing women do. When women withdraw, their husband can’t place their hands on what exactly is wrong and it keeps them wondering.

5. When your wife is disobedient and recalcitrant, it could be annoying. Women are supposed to be submissive and when they are not, the husband finds it annoying.

6. The silent treatment is another annoying feat that wives throw. The silent treatment is not only rude, it is killing. It can drive the husband nuts and drive him to go look for a girlfriend outside the matrimonial home.

7. When the wife does not know how to keep the house tidy and everywhere is unkempt. The woman has failed in her responsibility as a wife.

8. It could be annoying when a wife tries to be her husband’s mother and not his wife. She tries to continue the correction and the training of her husband

9. When a wife complains about her husband’s spirituality or lack of it, his job, his parents, his siblings, money, et cetera, and she is generally not content

10. When a wife is too serious. Mostly, every man wants a playmate in his wife. The little boy in him wants to play and unburden himself.

It is annoying to the husband when the wife is too concerned about pepper, tomatoes, children, and so on and cannot let those things be and enjoy her husband.

Wives, get past this, and don’t be lost in your own world. Remember you have a husband. Help him to understand you.

God bless our marriages.

I take heed unto myself. I don’t do things that will annoy my husband

Lord, help my weaknesses

1 Peter 3:1 (KJV) Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives;

Work with your spouse to ensure oneness

John 3


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