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A Happy marriage happens by consistent deliberate efforts from both spouses. Marriage is an important part of our lives which is meant to last all of our adult years. That is we are meant to be in a marriage with our partner till death do us part. And for most of us, that’s a long time.

One thing we don’t want to do is to be unhappy throughout our married life. We want to be sure we are happy with our spouse and happy with ourselves.

Here are 10 tips that will help us achieve this.

1. Never bring up the mistake of the past.

In marriage, there will be issues. We are all still a work in progress and still in the days of our flesh. There are bound to be resolved issues (issues in the past), present issues and, some issues to deal with in the past.

Bringing up past issues is like digging a grave and exposing things that should have been buried. It shows you have not fully forgiven your spouse.

Forgiveness is so important in marriage, you cannot afford to joke with it.

You cannot be digging at the past and expect to move forward or be happy.

Get rid of the past as much as possible. Make sure you resist the temptation of shaming your spouse by referring to things of the past, no matter how difficult it seems.

It takes a lot of maturity to keep your mouth shut and not refer to past mistakes.

What goes around comes around. You might be the one that needs to be forgiven next. There might be a mistake you will do in the future that also requires forgiveness. Remember, to err is human. To forgive is divine.

Let’s include some divinity in our marriage.

2. Never neglect each other. Focus on each other.

The issue of focus has now become so obvious in marriages that it needs to be addressed squarely. You see couples that prefer others to their spouse.

When they go out with their spouse, they are not used to themselves. There is no connection. They are just like any other person to them, apart from the fact that they are living together, bearing each other’s name and probably wearing the same clothes.

There should be a heart-to-heart connection. A connection that is beyond words that keep drawing you close to one another.

We have to consciously work on focussing on each other. That focus is essential to our marriage.

Avoid all forms of distractions, emotional affairs, wandering thoughts, that prevent us from focussing on our own.

Let our spouse ever catch our attention spirit, soul, and body. Let us work on focussing our minds on our spouse. No matter what anyone wears or their physical attributes, our spouse is our spouse, period.

It is about our heart. Let work on having the integrity of heart.

I will stop here this morning.

May God grant us more understanding in Jesus mighty name.

God bless our marriage.

My marriage will work.

Lord, give me an understanding for my marriage in Jesus name.

EPH 5:28 ESV
In the same way husbands should love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself.

Have a hearty discussion with your spouse today

Ps 68