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Have you seen couples married for over 15 years? One thing that strikes you is that they begin to look alike. There’s just something that makes them closer and begins to look alike. Well, it’s not a fast and hard rule that couples who have been together for years should look alike.

I guess that is the reason why the bible says, the two shall become one flesh. I guess they truly become one flesh in the real sense of the word. The truth is that, if you want to remain close and knitted together, there are some things you should be doing on a regular basis. It keeps you together.

I would try and mention 10 of those things. You can add up to this list but just make sure in your own relationship you have found what it is that draws you closer to each other.

1. Eat together on one plate or on the dinner table.
This may not be suitable for every couple. Some may not like it, but this has helped keep couples together.

2. Go to church together in the same car.
It may be a time of bonding for couples who may have been busy throughout the week and have more than 1 car.

3. Go to the same church and have the same pastor and mentor.
They hear and drink from the same spiritual source and hear the same instructions about fasting, giving which normally could cause discord in marriage.

4. Have same friends, go to the same functions and ceremonies together.
Couples stay closer when they unwind together by having the same friends and attend parties together.

5. They sleep in the same room on the same bed.
Couples are known to look alike the more they sleep together and share the same room.

6. They have regular intercourse together.
This is known to bind them together and is the real thing that makes them get closer and look alike.

7. They Laugh, dance, sing and play games together.
The more couples recreate together, the more the bond between them gets stronger.

8. They overcome their challenges together.
When couples face problems and pass through challenging situations together, it draws them closer to each other.

9. When couples bathe together.
It is a form of being naked and not ashamed, it draws couples together.

10. Study their bibles together and pray together.
When couples do spiritual activities together they tend to grow fond of each other and grow to look alike.

It is like the triangle of marriage. God is at the tip or top, husband and wife are at the two sides. The more they go after God, the closer they become. The more they draw away from God, the more they grow apart.

Make God or godly principles your priority and you will grow closer as a couple.

God bless your marriage

As couples, we grow closer as the day goes by.

Lord, help us to do things that will draw us closer to each other.

Gen 2:25 ‘And the man and his wife were both naked, and were not ashamed.”

Get closer to your spouse

Isaiah 31 – 34


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