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Ten Marriage Profiles Built To Last Part 2. We started yesterday with this beautiful topic and I will continue from where we stopped.

Yesterday, my husband wrote on

a. The praying couple

b. The calling couple.

c. The exchanging couple

d. The sharing couple

e. The encouraging couple.

I will write on five more this morning

We need to understand that we (husbands and wives) are building a name and a legacy. What you build and how you build matters.

Ten Marriage Profiles Built To Last Part 2

6. The Building Couples

Since our words, thoughts, and actions are like building materials, what we should ask ourselves is what type of materials am I using to build and what am I building? Apart from building a “good family”. We should also build up ourselves. Is your wife a better person, a better businesswoman? Is your husband a better man, a better leader? Better than when you first met them? 

7. The Defending Couples

Couples should defend each other no matter what. Why? Because they are one. Defend yourselves spirit, soul, and body. Defend financially, socially, emotionally. Know that when you defend your spouse, you defend yourself. When you throw your spouse away as rubbish, you find yourself naked when you need a covering.

8. The Growing Couples

There is a beauty that comes when couples grow together till old age. They have held on to each other and grew over the years. They have grown mentally, and emotionally and have matured together. They have grown on wealth, experience, and wisdom. Give allowance for each other to grow.

Ten Marriage Profiles Built To Last Part 2

9. The  investing Couples

Little drops of water become a mighty ocean. Little investment of time, love, affection, understanding, right words are investments that yield great dividends later on. Let’s invest in our marriage, our children, and in ourselves.

10. The Laughing Couples

Laughter is so important in building that last. It is what makes us enjoy while we build. It gives us memories that bring about joy. Don’t let us be uptight. Let’s take time to laugh and have fun.

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