How To Refuse The Devil’s Agenda In Marriage

How To Refuse The Devil’s Agenda In Marriage

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COUPLES – How To Refuse The Devil’s Agenda In Marriage

Marriage is often time associated with wine because our union with our spouse is supposed to bring joy to us.

The marriage ceremony itself is a joyous occasion with the bride and groom looking their best. Everyone is happy, with lots of food to eat and drinks, music, dancing, and the exuberance of finding the love of your life.

All these sum up to give joy and excitement. Both for the new couples, the parents, families, the couples friends and all.

But a few years down the line, we see that joy almost vanished from the face of the once overjoyed couple. Why is this?

We may have different reasons why, but I want to point to us that the devil is the real culprit here.

The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).John 10:10 AMPC

The above scripture identifies the devil as a thief who comes to steal if not stopped, graduates to kill, and then finally to destroy, bringing to total ruins, both what you desire and what you have laboured for. He destroys the legacy of families and what they stand for.

The devil is the one that steals joy from marriages. He does this through several means and does it in whoever marriage he is allowed to perform his three-fold agenda and mission.

Every believer’s marriage is precious and priceless. The devil hates anything joyous, good, and glorious. He is attracted to it, to steal from it, kill and destroy it.

The devil is not just a nuisance, he is an enemy. That is the fact and the truth. You must always take the offensive against his onslaught.

The scripture in John 10:10 didn’t just say that the devil cometh to steal, kill and destroy. It concluded that ‘I am come that they might have or enjoy life and it more abundantly.

For every attempt of the devil to steal the joy of and in your marriage whether by misunderstanding, strife, unforgiveness, infidelity, the sin of different types, anger, works of the flesh etc. Jesus also came.

He came once and for all to deal with the 3 fold agenda of the devil. Jesus is not only the answer to the problem, He is much more than that.

It is not your wife or your husband that is hurting you or cheating on you.

Am I saying we should not take responsibility for our actions? No, I didn’t say that. We take responsibility and deal with the root cause of the issue. The devil hides under the works of the flesh or sin to carry out his 3 fold agenda.

Begin to insist on your joy, peace in marriage, prosperity, and every good thing Jesus already paid for there.

Therefore with joy will you draw water from the wells of salvation. Isaiah 12:3 AMPC

Joy in your marriage is not just having good behaviour. You need your joy to draw from the well of salvation.

No wonder the devil is after your joy. Without joy, you cannot draw. You can speak in tongues, fast, and pray but you also need joy.

When the devil throws different issues at you, he is after your joy. Insist on your joy.

Respond in joy to any attack on your marriage. That joy is an overflowing joy, the joy that is full of glory.

Laugh at the face of lack. You begin to draw wealth and prosperity from the well of salvation.

Let nothing steal your joy. Be joyful with the wife of your youth.

God grant us more understanding.

God bless our marriage in Jesus name

Nothing steals my joy in my home.

Lord, strengthen me in my inner man

Therefore with joy will you draw water from the wells of salvation. Isaiah 12:3 AMPC

Write out areas where you need God to remember you and go before Him to plead your case.

Num 3

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The Tale of The Spider In The Palace

The Tale of The Spider In The Palace

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Spider in the palace? That is sacrilegious! How did it get there? Who granted it entrance? Where are the palace guards? How dare such a creature be allowed into the most secured and guarded place?

It can’t just be. Maybe you did not see well. Or maybe you are hungry and you are taken by mirage or simply hallucinating. It can’t be! Spider sha? No way!

If you are even talking of a lion in all its, strength we can understand. If you say it’s an elephant, oh that is understandable, for who will dare stop the humongous beast from trampling on where it wants?

But a spider! Ordinary spider! Something I can crush with my leg. Spider ko, spider man ni!

But wow, there it is. The spider is actually in the palace!

How did it enter!

The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in kings’ palaces.

Pro 30:28 (KJV)

It’s by her hands! It’s by its skill. It’s by what it can do!

An entrance was granted to the spider by reason of the skill it brings to the table.

As singles, I want to encourage you this morning, identify a skill that is inherent and develop it. Maximize it. Don’t be laid back in life for life has no place for such people.

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Take hold with your hands like the spider and you will find yourself in palaces.

By the time you are thinking about marriage, you should have a definite stream of income! Nobody wants to marry a liability. That is a simple truth!

Go learn something! How to sew, bake, and such things as additional things you can do. There is money there!

And if you are particularly career-driven, then study more courses that will enhance your area of dexterity!

I pray God will give more understanding today in Jesus name

Have a blessed day!

I am not lazy.

Teach me how to use my skill wisely oh Lord

Psalms 78:72 (KJV)  So he fed them according to the integrity of his heart; and guided them by the skilfulness of his hands.

Learn a skill today

Ps 78

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