Unraveling The Economy of Sealed Things

Unraveling The Economy of Sealed Things

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Unraveling The Economy of Sealed Things. There are sealed things concerning your relationship and marriage!

The attendant puzzles and enigmas that surround your relationship and your marriage are not hidden from you but for you! 

These things are sealed, and they are not stumbled upon, nay, they must be pressed into and tinkered with in a deliberate pursuit of the divine!

Many are befuddled because they are laid back in the things of God, just barely scratching the surface and never diving into the deep! 

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Unraveling The Economy of Sealed Things

There are sealed things! These sealed things hold the key to the next phase of your life, the specific instruction surrounding your destiny activation are encapsulated in the seal! 

The seal has to be broken! 

Just like the woman cannot bear children or be fruitful until her seal is broken, ideally by the husband within holy matrimony, there are some levels of fruitfulness that would never be engaged until you learn to break the seal in the place of prayers and worship! 

Rev 6:3 (KJV)
And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see.

There are things you will never see until the seal is opened. 

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Unraveling The Economy of Sealed Things

Perhaps, the misunderstandings and puzzles that have attended your relationship or marriage are “attention getters” to draw you into the place where seals are opened! 

Perhaps, the misbehaviors of your fiancee or your spouse will remain a perpetual frustration until you learn to open the seal with your worship and prayer!

The seals are never opened with strife, fights, trivialities, and frivolities! 

They can only be opened by the deliberate pursuit of the divine, that the humane may find his expression within the bracket of that which is written in the seal.

Without the seal opened, the equation is incomplete, the relationship and marriage become experimental and guinea pigs are made out of humans! 

Will you pay the price to open the seal? To know why they don’t get married early in your family? To know why there is delayed childbirth? To know why there seems to be a limit on prosperity? To know why the women in the family never stay long enough with their husbands?

These things are sealed for you, not from you and each seal opened is a victory attained, not only for you but for you, your spouse, your children, and generations locked within your laps! 

I challenge you this day, separate, and begin to lactate in the milk of the word, press further till you begin to masticate the meat of the word, and be drawn further into the chambers of God where you can begin to open to seals of relationship and marriage! 

Are you willing to open the seals? Get into deep prayers and worship over that issue!

Good morning!  


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