How To Strengthen Your Connections

How To Strengthen Your Connections

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How To Strengthen Your Connections. Our connection has to be strong whether we are married or single. It’s all about friendship oneness, union, togetherness, and understanding.

for you in courtship, know that your courtship is to build a solid friendship. The married folks will tell you that friendship is everything.

When you are friends with your spouse the problem is half solved. You don’t fight your friend and even when you fight you easily end it because you are friends and share a lot in common. But if you can harbour strife successfully for two weeks or more, then we should question your friendship.

One important ingredient your courtship and marriage should never lack is your ability to constantly talk. Have loving, meaningful, and thoughtful conversations.

In strengthening our connections, we will be using the illustration of tending a vineyard as an example.

We can strengthen our connection using four analogies for those that are married and intend to get married.

How To Strengthen Your Connections

1. Adjusting

Just as in tending a vineyard you make adjustments as a couple.

As couples, you need to make certain adjustments to accommodate another life in your space. You no longer live for yourself. You make your own necessary adjustment because it’s easier to change yourself than your spouse.

As a single person  begin to adjust your thoughts, words, and actions

How To Strengthen Your Connections

2. Prunning

As you prune your vineyard to get a better harvest, so also you prune your life’s activities. You begin to cut off unnecessary activities that can hinder your aims as a couple. Not all activities are beneficial for your relationship. You cut off such non-essentials.

How To Strengthen Your Connections

3. Supporting

Just as you support a vineyard for maximum productivity, you have to support your relationship and marriage. The support of godly friends, mentors, family, and whatever can be of support to your relationship or marriage at whatever stage you are.

How To Strengthen Your Connections

4. Renewing

Your relationship and marriage need to be constantly renewed so that you will not lose the taste and flavor of your marriage.

Renew your relationship by having constant date nights, vacations, and fun trips together.

May our connection be strengthened in Jesus’ name

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