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Signs or symptoms make us pay attention to certain areas of our lives.

There are certain signs or symptoms that our marriage shows that make us know that it is time to pay attention to our marriage.

When you have a headache, it is a sign that you need to pay attention to your body. Something is wrong somewhere. It could be a result of body weakness or something.

Finding out what went wrong is a whole lot of effort on its own

After you find out what is wrong, you then take the right medicine to cure or get rid of the symptoms.

In the same way, our marriage shows certain signs that make us aware of the fact that our marriage needs help.

Here are some of those signs:

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1. Observation from friends and family.

When friends and family begin to ask questions and are worried about the way your marriage is going. When things are obviously wrong and it is visible to your friends. Then you need to retrace your steps and begin paying attention to your marriage.

2. When your children’s attitude begins to change.

There are several ways when things are not cordial between husband and wife, that affect the children.

They may become withdrawn, stubborn, sickly, prone to domestic accidents, lower performance in school. Once you begin to see these signs, then your marriage needs attention.

3. Physical abuse

If there is any kind of abuse in your marriage then that marriage needs attention. Either you visit a marriage counselor, read books, pray, listen to messages, or change your attitude or behavior.

When either of the spouses becomes violet or threatens in the marriage, then your marriage needs attention.

Note that in all these, it is not about who is right or wrong, it’s about quick intervention in the marriage, and proffering solutions to wherever the problem is.

4. Withdrawal

When either of the spouses is withdrawn and no longer enjoys the company of the other spouse, that marriage needs quick intervention. When the couples are nothing but mere bed mate or housemate

When silence becomes the order of the day and you find it difficult to share your thoughts, feelings etc. That marriage needs help. When the new normal is monosyllable questions followed by monosyllable answers, your marriage needs help.

I will stop here today and continue tomorrow by God’s grace.

May God send us needed help at the right time.

God bless your marriage.


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