Supporting One Another In Marriage

Supporting One Another In Marriage
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Supporting One Another In Marriage

Take a look at your family.
Find out the greatest source of income for your family. Focus on it and add your strength to that.

Don’t get competitive with yourselves, you are one!
A competitive heart will hinder your prayers.

Love each other genuinely and be committed to your spouse’s success. The success of the husband belongs to the wife and vice versa.

It is so important that you rally around yourselves.

Trying to be successful in other to “show” your spouse is nothing but yielding to the flesh.

Oh, Pastor, what am I supposed to do? You sure don’t know my spouse! Well, my dear, you are supposed to walk in love.

Love will always bring victory.

Be committed to doing it in God’s way.

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Obviously, some things did not work beforehand. Some ways of doing things did not work. They are not likely to work this time as well. So, you need to make changes. Adjustments.

What is family altar like? Do you pray together daily? It’s so important. Those are some changes you need to make.

Take a look at your family. Make those changes and expect the best from God.

I pray that every marital storm be abated in Jesus’ name.

God will extend peace to you like a river in Jesus’ name.

May God bless your marriage.

The Lord is our strength

Father teach us to walk in love

By their fruits, ye shall know them.

Make a decision to leave old unprofitable habits today.

Matthew 7: 13-23

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