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Spice Up Your Marriage With Laughter

Let’s face it, the pressures of life can strip away the joy and laughter from our marriages. When couples succumb to life’s demands, their relationship can transform into a mere cohabitation, lacking the vitality of shared laughter and joy. 

Important conversations become the only discourse, leaving no room for lighthearted moments. Tension looms, and the marriage becomes a tedious routine.

The impact of allowing life’s pressures to take a toll on marriages is profound. Unaddressed pressures can lead to a cascade of issues, from anger and harsh words to late nights, seeking solace in ungodly friendships, and even the risk of emotional entanglements with the opposite sex.

Amidst life’s pressures, couples must learn to lean on each other for spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial support. It’s a time for mutual support and encouragement, where kind words, appreciation, and affirmation play a crucial role. This is also the time when intimacy becomes not just a desire but a need—a means of ministering to each other.

During challenges, laughter becomes a powerful tool. It is therapeutic and healing, adding value to the relationship without costing a dime. 

Couples can creatively infuse laughter into their homes, finding joy amid adversity.

Psalm 2:4 reminds us that “He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh.” 

Learning to laugh in challenging times invites God’s power into the situation. Laughter becomes a declaration of trust in God’s ability to change circumstances. It shifts the focus from the present situation to the belief in God’s capacity to turn things around.

In those moments, couples find the strength to trust in God’s mercy, restoring their fellowship with the divine. Laughter becomes a conduit for grace, allowing couples to draw strength from the throne of grace. Through laughter, couples can rediscover God as their Shepherd, leading them beside still waters and restoring their souls.

May you find refreshing laughter in your marriage during times of pressure, trusting in the Lord’s ability to bring joy and resilience.

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