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I started this topic yesterday and I will be concluding on it today. Other signs that shows that your marriage needs attention on time before it becomes too late are:

5. Your spouse cannot be trusted.

In this case trust has been ruptured in time past by some events and the spouse in question has done nothing to build back the ruptured trust. The spouse is also still doing things that makes his spouse suspicious like keeping secrets, passwording phone, not been able to receive calls when your spouse is around, deleting messages, keeping late nights and the list goes on.
Your marriage needs a lot of help and both of the spouses will need to be counselled.
Forgiveness on the faithful spouse and repentance on the erring spouse will be necessary for healing.

6. When there is extramarital affairs.

Nothing breaks marriage like extra marital affairs. Whatever the reasons for this, scriptures enjoins us that no matter what, we should never drink water from another Cistern unjustifiably.
For no reason should any of the spouses go onto an extra marital affair.
The book of Proverbs especially chapter 6, talks about transparency. Couples should be sincere, open and truthful to each other.

7. When both husband and wife are not on the same page.

The very essence of marriage is that the couples be naked and are not ashamed, and that the union produces oneness that no man can put asunder.
When both couples are not on the same page, the power of agreement is broken. Couples can no longer pray the prayer of agreement and see results.
There are several reasons for this, that’s not what we are looking at today.
The couple should not just wait, hoping some day things will turn out better.
Time doesn’t make things better only intervention help sort out issues.

8. Unresolved conflicts.

Nearly all marriages have had several conflicts in their marriage. In fact, conflicts show that you married a human being with feelings and different opinion to yours.
What makes the difference and marks the boys from the men, is the ability to resolved issues and get better and stronger together.
It takes a whole lot of maturity to resolve conflicts. Unresolved conflict, no matter how small or little the conflict was, has the ability to break a marriage.
Always resolve every issue and ensure no party is in unforgiveness, bitterness, anger.

9. Criticism

Couples should have constructive criticism which is healthy for the union. When criticism become frequent, destructive and done outside of love, then it is a sign the marriage needs help and the erring partner should be educated.

10. Finances

When couples are not transparent and open about their financial dealings, the marriage needs attention. When you hide your money, your investments, your debt, your financial givings, things you buy, and the language “my money” is often used rather than “our money”, something is terribly wrong. Your marriage needs help.
You need to seek wisdom.
I never want to know who is responsible, but couples should pull their resources together and jointly forge ahead.
Any issue in marriage that attempts to pull you away from each other makes you need help. You can sort for help in several means, you can pray about your marriage, you can read books to enlighten you, you can take up the matter with your mentors, or change your character for the better.
Whichever method is chosen, don’t just gloss over issues on your marriage.

May God grant us more understanding.
God bless your marriage.

I pay attention to my marriage.

Lord, help me to pay attention to my marriage.

Ephesians 5:22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.

Talk to your spouse

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