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Secrets To Keep Love Alive. It’s beautiful seeing newly wedded couples. The love spark is impressive. 

There is a love wave, love current, and all the love vibes around them. They set out to profess their eternal love for each other. 

They are deeply in love and could never imagine hurting each other not to talk of harming themselves whether emotionally or verbally.

The question is what happened? At what point did they start to deviate from the love zone? 

Really, no husband or wife starts out overnight from being loving to being rash, unkind, abusive, and insensitive.

There must have been little actions or in-actions here and there, that crept into their love affair. 

The Bible talks about little foxes that destroy the vine, the tender vine. 

Our marriages are like these vines that are very tender. Little foxes are like poisons slowly released that will eventually destroy the marriage. We, therefore, need to place close attention so that we don’t allow these foxes.

Here are three things not to do if you want to keep love alive in marriage.

Secrets To Keep Love Alive

1. Don’t blame

‘It’s his fault

‘She is very disrespectful’

‘He’s not kind and loving’

She’s lazy and overly sensitive

‘He’s always hurting’

Stop the blame game. You have a choice, either you keep blaming and remain hurt, bitter, and full of regret, and revengeful. 

When you keep on blaming the other person you focus on their negatives. 

You become blind to their positive sides and you put him/ her on edge.

Remember, when you were in love, it was because you were blind to their negatives and only focused on how good, handsome & lovely they were.

Do the same now. Blaming your spouse continuously is poisonous.

I am not asking you to keep completely silent on your spouse’s weakness but rather confront each other respectfully and lovingly. 

Remember you have your own faults too. Forgiveness and mercy are reciprocal in marriage. 

Secrets To Keep Love Alive

2. Don’t Compare

The grass always seems greener on the other side. Never fall for the comparison trap. 

Don’t compare other couples or marriages with your own. 

Yes, you can learn from them but never compare. 

The truth is you never know that other husband or wife.

Every good marriage you admire sacrificed on their path to get to where they are now.

So rather than compare and blame your spouse for not being like husband A, work on your own marriage, pay your own price, and make your own sacrifices.

Secrets To Keep Love Alive

3. Don’t withdraw

The withdrawal syndrome is one thing that destroys a marriage fast. 

It’s a temporary shield you build around yourself to avoid confronting and dealing with issues. 

Don’t withdraw into work, yourself, your passion, activity, church project, children, porn, friends, outings, or keeping late nights.

When you hide in withdrawal, you have created a vacuum for the devil to fill in your home.

You need to understand each other’s temperament and know how to lovingly respect each other’s differences. 

Extroverts and introverts are very different and handle issues differently.

Give each other space. Allow your spouse to grow without nagging them. 

Be patient with your demands. Don’t expect your wife to change overnight. Let the fruit of the spirit grow and manifest in your life. 

Allow your marriage to grow. Let it blossom.

If you are presently experiencing a not-too-pleasant moment in your marriage, let grace flow towards you now, releasing peace, strength, and courage to you. 

I pray for you, may God’s love and a fresh love for your spouse be shed abroad in your heart now in Jesus’ name.


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