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The almighty God! What does it mean to be more than enough? How does one become more than enough? Can anyone be more than enough? Humanly speaking, it is outrightly impossible to do or be so. But not with the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

God is El Shaddai – the Almighty God who is more than enough for us. His power to help, protect, provide, and deliver us is more than we need. Imagine for a second, you need two cups of cereal to eat and there are ten cups of it in the package. You take the two needed and keep the rest, knowing in your mind that there are still eight cups left. You keep going back for more when you need to.

When God does something for you, don’t think He is out of stock. Rather, He has an indefinite supply of every and all the things you need or can ever need. Be it knowledge, strength, finances, friends, healing, jobs, protection – just name it. Remember, He created the world by just saying “Let there be….” He is the almighty God!

El Shaddai, the All-Sufficient One, gives us life, nurtures us through His word and Spirit, and pours Himself (blessings) daily into us. Let’s look at a mother and child relationship.

Your mother gave birth to (life) and weaned you at her breast (nurture) – that means daily, she kept pouring herself into you (developing a deep and intimate relationship between you two). The relationship brought you comfort, protection, and security. As you think of this, think of the almighty God.

As a result of the nourishment received from her, you grew in good health and matured. She never worried that she could be out of breast milk. Why? Because nature has seen to it that she will always have an abundant supply to feed you with. In fact, the moment she got pregnant with you, nature had ensured that breast milk was going to be available for you. So, there was a supply of it – nourishment, waiting for you even before your birth.

El Shaddai isn’t worried that He doesn’t or won’t have enough to give you because He is the God that owns heaven and earth. He is the almighty God!

God is always filled and prepared to meet our needs. He wants to comfort and pass His being into us through His Word and Spirit. Just like a mother won’t forget or ignore her crying child, El Shaddai won’t and doesn’t forget you. In the event that a mother forgets or ignores her child’s cry, El Shaddai won’t.

“The Lord answers, “Can a woman forget the baby she nurses? Can she feel no kindness for the child she gave birth to? Even if she could forget her children, I will not forget you. see, I have written your name on my hand. Jerusalem, I always think about your walls.” Isaiah 49: 15-16, ICB.

Two things to remember – God is never out of supply (no scarcity or lack) and there is nothing you need that God cannot give or do for you. He is indeed the almighty God.

God bless you. Amen

El Shaddai, thank You for the abundance of Your love for me. Come be El Shaddai more in my life. Let Your over-sufficiency cover up all my insufficiencies. Amen.

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