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What’s with saying “Thank you?” Why all the fuss? These and many more may be the questions in your heart as a child. Maybe you have heard your parents tell you, over and over again, to always be grateful for every act of kindness you receive from anyone, and you are wondering how to do it so that you will do it well.

Now saying “thank you” is much more than speaking the words. It should come from deep within you. It is a sign that you truly appreciate what was done for you.

Being grateful is sweet because it tells the person doing you the favour that the help they rendered to you was indeed needed by you. No one wants to receive what they don’t need. So also, no one wants to give help or do favours that are not needed.

Again, your show of gratitude (through a ‘thank you’) tells the person that their time wasn’t wasted on you. If you refuse to say or show your gratitude, you are saying to them that they just wasted their time and resources on you. That you don’t need it. Or even value it.

That’s very unfair and could mar your chances of ever receiving from them again. And when you continue that way, a time will come when no one would want to do you good. That’s a bad place to be!

Today and onwards, learn to show your gratitude with your words (saying ‘thank you’) and actions. Let these two things tell people you are an appreciative person.

God bless you. Amen


Lord, for me a heart of gratitude. Teach me to always say thank you for all help I receive. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Action point:

You can have a gratitude journal where you record all the help that has come to you both from God and others.

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