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Today we would be looking at how we can know the peace of God. In the world we live today, everyone is bound to have troubles; including you. It could be problems with making good grades at school, bad friends, sibling rivalry, or even puberty. As a child of God, you should not be worried about any trouble. Acknowledge that you have an issue that you probably don’t know how to handle and need help with it.

Whatever it is, remember the God that you serve – Jehovah Shalom, the Lord your Peace.

Jesus said to the disciples in

John 14:27, “I leave you peace. My peace I give you. I do not give it to you as the world does. So don’t let your hearts be troubled. Don’t be afraid.” ICB.

Whatever the problem is, God has the power to solve it. Not only to do it but also to give you His peace as an added advantage. The peace of God is powerful. When you have God’s peace, you are not troubled or worried about the outcome of the situation. As long as you bring God into the situation and receive His peace, you will come out shining.

As he is protecting you, He is also keeping you at peace. He is saying to you “Don’t worry, relax, calm down, smell the roses, look at the sun, smile, laugh, my beloved child. You are safe here with me.

In other words, God is saying, “look at me, me only, not anybody or anything. No matter how bad the problem is, I am bigger and better than that problem. And I have a perfect and permanent solution to rectifying the problem.” By believing these words, you will experience the peace of God.

That is your God, dear child. The one and only true God that as He reveals or you discover one part of his nature, another unfolds and keeps unfolding. All for the glorification of His name. Hallelujah!

How do you receive this peace of God? Believing and trusting in God’s word –

“You, Lord, give true peace. You give peace to those who depend on you. You give peace to those who trust in you.” Isaiah 26:3 ICB.

So, what is that problem you are facing right now? Call on God. When next a problem arises, remember to call on God first (pray) before you tell or call anyone.

May Jehovah Shalom continue to be with you. Receive peace of God in Jesus Name. Amen.

Prayer point:
I receive the peace in Your name and being. I refuse to let my troubles drown Your power to help me. I receive your peace daily and remain blessed in Jesus name. amen.

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