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“Hullo dear, have you slept?”
“No, I have not, I am listening! I heard the last thing you said.”
The truth is that you have dozed off. 

It has happened to me many times, and I am sure it has happened to you as well. My wife is talking to me on the bed, and I have dozed off. I am trying to listen to her because it is a legitimate need of hers, but the son of man is tired!

Somebody said women speak more words than men. A man speaks an average of ten thousand words in a day, but a woman speaks about twenty-five thousand words! There are exceptions, though.

The man is back from work and he has probably exhausted his 10,000 quota since he derives his self-esteem and fulfillment from work.

By the time he is coming back home, he is done for the day, words have been spoken with friends, colleagues, clients, employers, employees, on the phone and so on. He wants to come back home, eat, listen to news, check a few mails, make love to his wife and sleep!

The wife too has probably exhausted 10,000 words at work, but by the time she is home, she still has 15,000 words bubbling in her! It is even worse if she is a housewife! She has nobody to talk to and so people around her say she nags, making repetitions and all that. 
The fact is that she needs to talk!

So the wife asks her husband 
“How was work today?” 
He answers “Fine!” If he is in a good mood, he adds a few more words like, “oh baby, my day was cool, Thank God!”

She is worried he is not talking, but the guy is in no mood to talk.

The husband asks the wife, “how has your day been? And he regrets afterwards!
That was all she needs to unleash the words that have been brewing in her like a molten magma. The volcanic eruption of words is so massive; the guy wants to walk away. So she starts from when she woke up, and goes on and on, and the man is wondering:
“What did I ask, what is she narrating!”

You see, that is a woman for you and you must not mute her or shut her up! Let her talk! Don’t make a mistake of shouting her down all the time or quieting her! It is a legitimate need of hers.

When a woman has no fear of God and this legitimate need of hers has not been met, she might succumb to the traps of the devil and get that legitimate need met through illegitimate means, which of course will be detrimental to the marriage and the home!

There are people out there who are waiting to capitalize on your insensitivity to your wife and take advantage of that emotional gully created by lack of communication.

You see, a lady becomes emotionally connected to the person she talks to!

To be continued…

My mouth is full of right words. The opening of my mouth is unto wisdom and grace.

Spirit of God, fill my mouth with right words over my spouse, children and family

(Pro 18:4) The words of a man’s mouth are as deep waters, and the wellspring of wisdom as a flowing brook.

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