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Today is Oil For Today – Day 179. Let’s lift up our voice one more time as we pray to God! Watch Video on Youtube HERE. Check other days HERE.

Scriptures For Today

Oil For Today – Day 179

The labour of the foolish wearieth every one of them, because he knoweth not how to go to the city. 

Ecclesiastes 10:15 KJV

Prayer Points For Today

Oil For Today – Day 179

1. Let’s begin to worship and give thanks to God

2. I receive wisdom for my everyday living in 2022 in Jesus name

3. Holy spirit give me winning strategies in 2022 in Jesus name

4. I cancel every labor of foolishness in my life in 2022 in Jesus name

5. I refuse to do things that will frustrate those who are around me. I am a blessing in Jesus name

6. I develop a conscious relationship with the Holy Spirit this year in Jesus name

7. Teach me Holy spirit all that I need to know this year in Jesus name

8. Holy spirit show me and help me deal with whatever weaknesses that will hinder my success this year in Jesus name

9. I receive Grace to eliminate every wrong words, prideful actions, disobedience, and anything the devil is using to hinder me from pursuing, overtaking, and recovering all in Jesus name

10. Let’s begin to give God thanks for answers to our prayers

Confession For Today

Oil For Today – Day 179

I am not foolish this year. I am wise. I have the spirit of wisdom, counsel, and might. The Holy Spirit is my greatest advantage this year. I am cultivating a  constant fellowship with Him. I talk to Him every time. I yield and obey His promptings. I do not grieve the Holy Spirit. I forgive easily. The Holy Spirit is giving me winning strategies for living in 2022


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