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Continued from yesterday.

”What about Deacon Joshua, you said he asked you out as well?

“That one doesn’t have money joor” Is it only preaching we will be eating after marriage?”

“Uhmmm…”Who else asked you out?”

“Brother Tomi, he is too short.”

“But it is not in heights?”

“Why is your own husband tall?”


“Brother Bode also asked me out, but his mouth is too sharp, he talks too much like somebody that has mouth diarrhea!” Brother Tola is too tall, and he is bent over like somebody that is sick. I cannot marry him.” Brother Chiefo is too old for me. He is nearly forty-five. I am not sure if he is a real man.

Brother Sanmi is too busy playing the keyboard. He will not have time for me. Brother Bubu is okay but the way he smiles reminds me of my primary school teacher that nearly killed me with beating. Mr. Tony is an ideal man, but the way I see him, he will turn me into a housewife. Brother Steve said he wants to become a pastor, I cannot marry a pastor.

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Brother Faith seems to like women a lot, I cannot be competing with other ladies in my matrimonial home. Brother Eze is okay, but his bow leg is a concern. Mr. Smith would have been it, but the way he walks like a village man will not befit my destiny. Brother Love is too dark like God forgot him in the oven or something like that. Mr. Scoot is too light, if both of us are light, will our children not become albinos? And Mr…..”

“It’s okay. I have heard enough.”

“They are still many o…”

“I have heard enough to make my conclusions.”

“What are your conclusions, Madam teacher!”

“You are not ready for marriage!”

“How can you say that? With all my prayer and vigils?”

“You are looking for the perfect man. You will never get one.”

“Are you not the people that say we should not marry an unbeliever or just anybody?”

“Are all these people you mentioned unbelievers?” You see, Mr-perfect does not exist!”

To be continued tomorrow…

I will not miss it in marriage.

Lord, open my eyes to the realities of life.

Romans 14:17 [KJV]For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.

Pray for insight

Isaiah 7

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