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More Things A Lady Expects From Her Lover. There are things a lady expects from her lover that may be oblivious to an average guy. We started on this two days ago and we looked at the following

1. She expects that she would be genuinely loved

2. She expects that he is no longer living in sin

3. She expects him to pray for her

4. She expects that he will not take advantage of her

5. She expects that he is responsible and will be able to care for her 

Let’s take a look at some more.

More Things A Lady Expects From Her Lover

6. She expects him to be romantic 

Every lady wants a romantic man. Most men are really romantic until their wedding!

After the wedding, the romantic button seems to stop functioning. 

And really it should not be so. Being romantic should be part of every man towards her lover.

As singles, being romantic does not include any form of sexual expression. After you have prayed and spoken in tongues, you should speak good words in a romantic way to your loved one.

7. She expects him to be her defender 

What’s the point if you cannot defend her?

You always guard jealously what you prize most, isn’t it? 

Don’t leave her at crucial moments when she needs you. 

Don’t stand with a stranger against your loved one. 

Don’t condemn or try to correct her publicly. 

8. She expects him to protect her from her future in-laws

In-laws are people. And people can be difficult. 

If your parents are the difficult type, you must protect your loved one. 

Don’t leave her at their mercy wherein she starts playing the role of a wife before becoming one. 

9. She expects PDA

Your fiancée expects some public display of affection. 

Not that you ask her to walk ahead of you every time. 

Walk with her. Hold her hands. It won’t lead to sin out there.

It is what you do in the dark and behind closed doors that lead to sin.

10. She expects him to be humorous 

Ladies loved those who make them laugh. 

Not that you should become a comedian, but you should have a great sense of humor. 

Make her laugh. Let her know when you are around, there are no dull moments. She will love you more.

Let her get some hearty laughter from you and not from Basket Mouth and Bovi all the time!

Don’t become a source of depression. The moment you are around, despondency descends. Nah!

The joy of the Lord is your strength. 

Stay joyful. Stay positive.  These are some More Things A Lady Expects From Her Lover

May God grant more understanding

I will take care of my loved one 

Lord, surround me with your favour 

Pro 5:18 (MSG)  
Bless your fresh-flowing fountain! Enjoy the wife you married as a young man!

Do something special for your loved one

Matthew 10


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