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Let Me See You Buga O, Go Low Low

What’s this Let me see you Buga stuff, Pastor? As singles, whenever there has been some mushy mushy lovey dovey kind of compromise which doesn’t involve penetration, they are quick to say, we just kissed, that’s all.

Really, is that all?

Are you sure. You just kissed? And you are even saying it with some “Buga!”. You kissed and you still dey Buga!

“We did not do anything o! Seriously, we just only kissed!

“Okay, so when you were kissing, where were your hands? Like your hands were by your sides, like that of a statue, static and unmoving or they were raised in the air, stuck and glued to space, as in permanently shouting Hallelujah?

It was at this point that the single guy/lady knows he’s been caught and cut!

Oh, let me tell you what is happening to your hands when you are deeply kissing! It’s right there in the scriptures!

Son 2:6 (MSG)
His left hand cradles my head, and his right arm encircles my waist!

That is it! Your left hand around the head and anything around the head and below! Your right hand around the waist and all the neighbours of the waist!

That is it singles!

But then look at the next verse! This is the word of the Lord!

Son 2:7 (MSG) Oh, let me warn you, sisters in Jerusalem, by the gazelles, yes, by all the wild deer: Don’t excite love, don’t stir it up, until the time is ripe—and you’re ready.

There is a warning for you Singles! Guys and ladies! Don’t Let Me See You Buga O!

The cradling of the head and encircling of waist will excite love and stir it up. And you are not ready! You are never ready till your wedding day!

Oh, you are already into the oral stuff? You have a cucumber kept somewhere? Or you have even gone the whole length?

Here is God’s perspective. He doesn’t condemn you! But He won’t condone sin either. He forgives and He forgets. But then he expects you by His grace to stay away from the cradling of the head and encircling of the waist and all its cousins. They all lead to series of movies, and the romantic movies can switch to horror movies real quick.

Stay in His mercy, embrace His forgiveness, and decide not awake or stir up the hormones. That can wait.

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